School News

Attached you will find the boys and girls’ soccer schedule.
As we prepare for Orange Shirt Day, and our support for our First Nations Community, students can purchase an “Orange Shirt” designed by Jan Martin. Jan is a Mi’kmaw Artist, Graphic Designer, Poet and Musician working across a variety of styles and mediums. Their life’s purpose is to influence society to value, support, and pursue the arts. $10 from each purchase goes towards Mawi’Art – An Indigenous-led organization that supports Indigenous artists in the region. Follow the link to purchase one today:
Cell Phone Policy Sunny Brae School believes that accessing information is essential to the education of all students in today’s technological-driven society. With that in mind, we are a “Bring Your Own Device” school. This means that students are responsible for any device they bring into the building in relation to this policy. Expectations set by S.B.M.S administration are as follows: 1. Cell phone use during class time is restricted to educational purposes and teacher approval. 2. When entering/exiting classrooms, students must place or pick up their device from the storage location or charging station by the door. 3. Students are responsible for any lost and/or damaged devices they may bring. 4. Personal cellphone use is permitted at break times only. 5. Recording, picturing-taking, or uploads to social media is only to be done with permission from all parties. If these rules are not respected, individuals may lose device use privileges and be limited to school devices only.
8:00Supervision Begins
8:20Entry Bell
3:00 Dismissal